Best Jeep Renegade Lift Kit – Good Performance Lift Kits of 2020

Lift kits are that support to your Jeep that makes your ride smooth and steady. Having a lift kit is always a plus point as it plays a role of extra protection to the Renegade jeeps and makes them stronger in front of hurdles. 

In this article, we will talk about the best Jeep Renegade Lift kit. Below are some products that are ideal for your Renegade and Compass to make your ride joyous and memorable. Have a look at these tremendous products and choose the best one for your Jeep. 

Best Jeep Renegade Lift Kit 

1. Rough Country Jeep Lift Kit

Rough Country

Are you ready to give your Renegade a more aggressive and attractive appearance? Rough country’s lift kit if offering a whole new upgrade and transformed look for your Renegade. Have a look at the below specifications and know more about the lift kits: 

Key Features:

  • It gives a perfect blend of performance to your Renegade with ultra-protection.
  • It is styled from rough country suspension systems, and that is why these are genuinely reliable. 
  • This lift kit has increased ground clearance and makes the functioning better and more apparent. 
  • The ground clearance also allows the larger tires to space up and have an accurate measure. 
  • The lift kit is perfect for the front and rear levels of the vehicle and especially Jeep Renegade.
  • The rough country lift kit is compatible with the 2014-2018 Jeep Renegade models. 
  • It has a bolt-on installation system that makes the whole process very simpler. 
  • It is also supported by Rough Country, which is why you can clear your confusion with them directly. 
  • Rough Country’s lifetime replacement warranty backs the lift kit. 
  • The replacement warranty is a gem of an offer; also, any dagame and theft kit part will not be replaced. 
  • Rough Country’s lift kit features an easy installation that does not need any disassembly.
  • The lift kits are budget-friendly and durable at the same time.


2. TeraFlex Renegade Lift Kit for Jeep Renegade


A perfect made in the USA lift kit for Jeep Renegade is the TeraFlex lift kit. They literally fit magically with every model of the Jeep and also balance the stability and ground ratio. These lift kits have added offroad capability and maintain the smoothness throughout the ride. The kits are also anti-corrosion and thus can be useful for many years. 

Key Features:

  • The kit maintains direct and accurate contact with the wheel offset.
  • The TeraFlex Renegade lift kit is compatible with a new body style of Jeep Renegade 2017-2018.
  • It is made in the USA and is manufactured and produced with a complete system.
  • The lift kit adds the off-road capability to Jeep Renegade and is also compatible with Jeep Compass. 
  • It maintains your Jeep to work smoothly with daily experience. 
  • It is made and built with billet aluminum that prevents the kit from rust, and thus the whole lift kit is corrosion-free.
  •  It can stand strong in front of every harshest element and every hurdle for your vehicle. 
  • The lift kit is designed to allow tire fitment of 225/655/R17.
  • As compared to others, TeraFlex avoids the inner fender trimming. 
  • It had Eco-guard mounting hardware that helps the vehicle to run more. 
  • It allows the front sway bar to on/off-road transition to enhance the performance of the vehicle.
  • TeraFlex lift kit maintains the correct wheel offset that assures every alignment falls.
  • The lift kit also maintains a factory strut angle to make sure the accuracy of the caster and camber. 
  • The packaging includes 2 offset front strut spacers, two front sway bar, two rear strut spacers, two rear lower control arm spacers, four rear subframe spacers, two driveline spacers, two exhaust spacers, two brake line spacers, and all necessary hardware. 


3. Southwest Speed Jeep Lift Kit


This one is undoubtedly the product that will give you a super comfortable ride in your Jeep Renegade. The Daystar products are leading manufacturers of American made lift kits. The lift kit is specially designed for front and rear areas of the jeep renegade. Read the following features and know more about the products:

Key Features:

  • The lift kits are compatible with Jeep Renegade models from 2015 to 2017. 
  • It is a 100%bolt-on lift kit with an easy installation feature and FMVSS126 compliant. 
  • The Daystar Strut Stud Extender and coil spring can help you to install the lift kit without any extra tools, attachment, or disassemble. 
  • The lift kit is also compatible with 2WD and 4WD sports, Latitude and Trailhawk models of Jeep Renegade and Compass. 
  • It is designed in a way that lifts your renegade 1, ½ along with balanced stability and factory ride. 
  • The lift kits are mended for front and rear tires of two sizes. 
  • It is FMVSS126 compliant and easy to install. 
  • The lift kit includes two front progressive coil spring spacers, two rear progressive coil spring spacer, two front sway bar end links. 2 rear control arm, and other hardware. 
  • It also has a bonus booklet with detailed information on the lift kit and how to install them quickly. 


4. ATP Renegade Lift Kit


ATP lift kits are designed to meet all your needs and performance demand by off-road enthusiasts. If you are in search of an easy install and 100% bolt-on feature that makes your Jeep Renegade more comfortable, then you are. American Trail Products have a marvelous range of products made in the USA. Read some more specifications from below:

Key Features:

  • It is made from T6 Billet Aluminium that has a bolt-on system fully. 
  • The American Trail Products have bolts that directly strut and don’t require to disassemble them.
  • The ATP lift kits are compatible with every Jeep Renegade and Compass models, including trail hawk, Latitude, Sport,2WD, and 4WD models. 
  • It has maintained the premium quality along with factory stability and ride.
  • It is made from premium 6061 T6 Aircraft Aluminum and 1018 cold-rolled steel.
  • It has inner fender modification that allows you to increase 30-inch tire tall.
  • The lift kit guarantees to maintain the factory ride and also increase and enhance ground clearance.
  • The lift kit has an anodized black finish that gives the whole kit an outstanding corrosion resistance and makes it look matt.
  • The lift kit from ATP has all mounting hardware included in it. There is no need to search for any extra part. 
  • It has a speedy and straightforward installation that keeps the whole process quick and lift kit more convenient. 
  • The ATP lift kits have a limited lifetime warranty on purchase. Any damage to misplacement will not be considered in the warranty clause. 


Specifications of Jeep Renegade:

This superpower beast is no less than any car of your imagination. Here are a few specs and features of Jeep Renegade that will surely woe you. This model can be your favorite plush toy or a robust off-road partner. 


  • The flye type for Jeep Renegade is the Petrol type.
  • It has earned a massive amount of credibility with skid plates, and a two-speed transfer case. 
  • It has a winning design, comfortable ride, and amazing off-road experience with Trailhawk. 
  • It has a 1398 Engine Displacement system.
  • Along with this, the Jeep Renegade has an Automatic Transmission type.
  • It has an SUV body type, so all the SUV lovers you have another choice in your list. 
  • The engine type of the Jeep has 1.4 Liter l4 MultiAir Tur
  • It has four cylinders for better transmission. 
  • Along with this, it has 4 Valves per cylinder, thus low maintenance and easy run flow.
  • The Fuel supply system of Jeep Renegade is MPFI. 
  • It has a Turbocharger that boosts the speed and charging capacity of the Jeep.
  • Now when we go near the dimensions, then length if 4232mm, width is 2022 mm, wheelbase is 2570 mm, Kerb weight is 1447 s Kg of the Jeep Renegade.
  • For 2020 there are minor changes in the model. Every version has upgraded telematics units along with a one-year free service on subscription. 
  • The subscription service covers lock, unlock, and start with the Uconnect app for smartphones. 

I hope that now you must be very clear about the specifications of the Jeep and correct lift kit that fits the Jeep and helps to maintain the stability. In my opinion, every product has similar specifications with minor differences. It will be an injustice for the other three products if I consider a single product to be the best as all four of them are extraordinary. I am signing off for now! See you soon.


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