Best Miata Coilovers – Get the Cheapest Mazda Miata Coilovers in 2020

Coilovers or coil-over springs are automobile suspension devices that will allow you to regulate your car’s ride height, damping, and other different aspects. If you own a vintage Miata, you probably wouldn’t want to spend too much on its suspension device. And that’s only fair. 

Are coilovers any good?

Yes, coilovers are good, and they do have some advantages. One such advantage is that coilovers will help in improving the handling of your car, and you can also adjust as per your choice,the ride height of your car by using coilovers. 

Are you looking for some good quality coilovers for your Miata but do not want to expend too much on them? This article will help you through because here’s a list of 5 of the best Miata coilovers. To know more about them, do read ahead. 

Best Miata Coilovers

1. Godspeed Project’s Coilovers


Rating: 4.7/5 stars

All of the Godspeed Project products are tested and designed in extensive R & D testing by using the latest computer simulation. Their products are subjected to rigorous street and race track-testing, and because of this, top street cars and race cars rely on their suspension devices. Some of the features of Godspeed‘s Coilover are mentioned below.  

  • It has a 2.75” extended top hat for rear strut that provides more shock travel. It is also compatible with Mazda Miata MX-5 1990-2005. 
  • Its 52mm mono-tube stainless steel shock with 16 levels of damping adjustment corresponds to the daily driving scene to the Sunday track as well. 
  • The internal performance piston with Koyo Japan 6204z bearing will provide a smooth stroke, and it comes with powder coated CNC machine aluminum and carbon steel accessories. 
  • It features height adjustment and independent spring tension, a racing-grade shock oil with high viscosity index, and a shock absorber which can be rebuild when worn out. 
  • The company also provides a one year warranty, which is an extra advantage. 


2. Tein Coilovers


Rating: 4.4/5 stars

Tein is a USA based company that has now gained popularity worldwide. They believe in the concept of developing and producing products that can bring out the best in driving. The features of this Mazda Miata coilover kit from Tein have been listed down below, so read along to know about them. 

  • This kit features a 16-level linear damping force adjustment system
  • It comes with a ride height adjustable shock absorber. 
  • It has a highly rigid bracket and a shell case.
  • It features a twin-tube structure for low resiliency and for securing sufficient stroke.
  • The kit includes a set of 4 shock absorbers and 4 springs and also includes exclusively designed upper mounds. 
  • This Flex Z has the most affordable prices and inherits all the features and quality of STREET FLEX. 


3. ECCPP Coilovers


Rating: 4.2/5 stars

ECCPP provides many types of auto parts accessories for its customers with the highest quality product and passionate service. They stand behind every product they sell as they use high standard components, and each of their designs is extensively tested for durability and performance. One such product is their coilover for Mazda Miata. Read ahead to know about its features.

  • This coilover comes with an adjustable height, adjustable camber plate, and a non-adjustable damper. 
  • It has a spring rate of 8kg/1 for 2 front pieces and 6kg/1 for 2 rear pieces.
  • It features a direct replacement, easy installation, includes bushings for a complete installation, which saves time and labor. 
  • You will be getting the coilover suspensions, high-quality after-sales services, and technical assistance in this kit. 
  • ECCPP also provides a 1-year warranty on this product and 100% quality assurance. 
  • This coilover kit will improve handling performance so you can ride comfortably, and it also increases the durability. 


4. Yonaka’s Coilovers


Rating: 4.3/5 stars

Yonaka Motorsports is a grassroots performance, part manufacturer. It has extended its product line to meet the needs of different car companies such as Audi, BMW, Hyundai, etc. It manufactures some of the industry’s best quality racing parts. The features of this coilover from Yonaka are mentioned down below. 

  • It has a 28-level fully adjustable dampening.
  • It also features a fully threaded monotube advanced shock absorber.
  • This coilover has a wide range of height adjustments without changing the spring compression. 
  • The bottom of the shock of this coilover is threaded, which allows height adjustments without having to shorten the suspension travel
  • It has an inner bump stop to prevent damage caused by rapid compression impacts.
  • It also comes with a 1-year warranty against factory defects. 


5. ZYauto’s Coilovers


Rating: 3.9/5 stars

This coilover from Zyauto can be applied for Mazda Miata MX5 nA 1989-2000. Its features are listed down below, so read ahead to know more about this coilover from the Zyauto brand.

  • It features an adjustable ride height and a pre-load spring tension. 
  • It has a pillow ball top mount design that helps combat noise while turning and improving the steering feel and response.
  • Most of its components are made from 6063 aluminum and T6 for increased hardness. 
  • The advantage of this coilover is excellent strength, and aluminum keeps the weight down. 
  • All the inserts come with fitted rubber boots that protect the damper and keeps it clean. 


What are the best coilovers?

Of all of the coilovers as mentioned above, the best one is Godspeed Projects’ MonoSS Coilover for Mazda Miata 1989-2005. It has one of the highest ratings and good customer reviews as well. It also features a 2.75” extended top hat and comes with aluminum and carbon steel accessories. The Yonaka and Tein’s coilovers are a great option too. So why to wait? Choose your best-suited coilovers now.

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