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How to Lift a Truck without a Lift Kit? – Check all Possible Ways

Upgrading your truck according to your preferences shouldn’t come at a big price. Sadly, life’s not all roses!

Most truck owners want to lift their trucks at least 2 inches, and while that sounds simple enough, it comes at a huge cost. Lift kits are quite expensive, and they can weigh you down significantly especially if you want to use them just once. Today, we shall discuss why you shouldn’t shy away from lifting your truck and how you can do it without a lift kit.

Why should you lift your truck?

What’s the biggest aim of truck drivers? Better performance and better appearance. What if we say that lifting your truck will help you with both?

A tall truck is a great looking truck that provides a significant improvement in comfort. You will be able to drive your truck in different road conditions without worrying about traction. Even if you have a heavy-duty truck, you will enjoy the same benefits.

So, we would say that lifting your truck is a great idea and you shouldn’t drop it just because the levelling kits you checked were expensive. We have alternate methods to help you with this. Read on.

How to lift a Truck without a Lift Kit?

  •  Add torsion keys:

With aftermarket torsion keys you will be able to enjoy a lift of 1.5 inches. The best part of using the keys is that the factory settings remain the same. Even if your truck has a suspension system, we would say that you add the torsion keys. Otherwise, it will be a huge problem if you try adjusting the factory torsion keys.

  •  Get a body lift:

While a lift kit is expensive, a body lift is not. With a body lift, you can increase lift your truck to 3 inches higher. However, you may have to work slightly harder with body lifts because they create a gap that needs to be filled. Take a spacer and brackets to tackle this and things should be fine.

  •  Get air shocks:

These are perfect for those looking for a 2-inch lift. You can accomplish it with ease through air shocks but remember, if you get too lenient and try increasing it beyond 2 inches, the truck will give out, and you won’t be able to drive comfortably.

The expense is not always the answer. There are, almost always, cheap alternatives that are equally reliable. You just have to know where to look!

We hope this guide on how to lift a truck without a lift kit helped you. Do let us know if you need any more help in this regard. All the best!

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