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Best Toyota Tacoma lift kit

Toyota Tacoma is a very popular pickup that owners love customizing. Increasing the suspension height is one of the favorite DIYs of Tacoma owners. If you are looking to do the same, you will need a good lift kit designed for these vehicles.

Before jumping into Tacoma lift kit reviews, we would like to enunciate two points:

1. Choose lift kits based on the model of your car and its year of manufacture. Choosing the wrong one could damage your car leading your efforts to go waste. We are sure you do not want that.
2. Choose a particular lift kit based on your purpose. Some kits are designed just to give your car a better look. Others are designed for off-roading. One can’t serve the purpose of the other, and that’s why you need to choose wisely.

Best Toyota Tacoma Lift Kit

Now that we have understood the ground rules, we can motor into Tacoma lift kit reviews. Let’s go:

1. Toyota Tacoma 4WD Full Leveling Kit

Toyota Tacoma 4WD Full Leveling Kit by StreetDirtTrackConsisting of Billet Rear Blocks, Billet Aluminum Strut Spacers, and HD U-bolts, the 4WD Full Leveling Kit is one of the best on the market today. Let’s explore its features to find out why:

  • You don’t need to worry about welding or cutting with this kit. It is an ideal choice for basic DIY projects.
  • The kit comes with installation guidelines that you can follow with ease.
  • The kit fits Toyota Tacomas between 2005 and 2017 years.
  • The brand offers a transferable warranty.
  • Users love the fact that it is a reliable kit within an affordable price range.


2. Supreme Suspensions – 2005-2018 Toyota Tacoma Full Lift Kit

Supreme Suspensions – 2005-2018 Toyota Tacoma Full Lift KitMade for Toyota Tacomas of 2005 to 2018, this lift kit by Supreme Suspensions is your answer to a better-looking car with optimal performance. Let’s find out more about it:

  • It is only for 2WD and 4WD 2005 to 2018 Toyota Tacoma models. It is not fit for TRD or 5-Lug models.
  • The kit comes with Strut Spacers (2), Extended U-bolts (4), and Rear Lift Blocks (2) along with installation instructions, hardware, decals, and a keychain.
  • The installation process is quite simple and will not take you more than 4 hours. The best part is that you will need no additional tools during installation. This is a complete full lift kit.
  • The kit is perfect to increase ground clearance so that you install your preferred tires and rims.
  • You can expect 3” front lift and 2” rear lift.
  • The manufacturer recommends an alignment after installation.


3. 3”F+2”R Toyota Tacoma Leveling Lift Kit

3”F+2”R Tacoma Leveling Lift KitRecommended only for 2005 to 2017 Toyota Tacoma 2WD and 4WD, this lift kit is another popular choice out there with many happy customers. If you are looking to increase ground clearance, you should definitely invest in this kit.

We have mentioned a few features here:

  • It helps you level the front and the rear while maintaining optimum ride quality.
  • You can use it for more ground clearance so that you install your preferred rims and tires.
  • The kit includes rear lift blocks (2), front lift spacers (2), and U-bolts (4).
  • Remember to crosscheck the compatible models. The manufacturers say that you should use the lift kit only for 6-lug models. It is not ideal for TRD off-road or 5-lug models.
  • Installation is quick with this kit, and if you have the experience, you will be able to do it in minutes. This is one of the favorite features among users.


4. Orion Motor Tech Full Leveling Lift Kit

Orion Motor Tech Full Leveling Lift KitWith a checkmark from Amazon itself, the Orion lift kit is easily one of the most reliable kits out there. Buy it if you want to change the tires and rims of your car. It will also improve the overall look without letting you worry about decreased ride quality.

What are its other features? Let’s find out:

  • Designed for 2005 to 2017 Toyota Tacoma 2WD and 4WD models only. If you have any other model, we recommend that you choose a kit made specifically for it.
  • Whether you are an experienced person or are using a lift kit for the first time, the instructions will help you finish the job in less than 4 hours. The installation is relatively easy and straightforward.
  • You do not need to get any additional tools. Installation hardware, instructions, and other requirements are already a part of
  • It raises the car 3 inches in the front and 2 inches in the rear.
  • It offers better cross-country performance with high ground clearance.


5. ReadyLift 69-5510 Smart Suspension Technology Lift Kit

ReadyLift 69-5510 Smart Suspension Technology Lift KitTough and safe at the same time, you can expect a superb upgrade with this smart suspension lift kit from ReadyLift. It comes with steel strut spacers and a rear lifting add-a-leaf for easy installation of large tires.

Here are its features and benefits:

  • It is unbreakable. It does not wear or fail even after repeated use.
  • It does not affect the factory ride performance.
  • It is ideal for 2WD 2005 to 2014 5-lug Toyota Tacoma models. Not many lift kits are available in the market for 5-lug models, and that is why users rejoice when they use this one!
  • It is a short add-a-leaf kit.
  • The kit comes with detailed installation instructions that you can follow easily.


6. Firestone W217602407 Ride-Rite Kit

Firestone W217602407 Ride-Rite Kit for Toyota Tacoma 4WDThe Firestone lift kit consists of airline, air springs, brackets (upper and lower), push-to-connect air fittings, inflation valves, and installation guidelines. In other words, it is a complete, reliable, and easy-to-use lift kits.

What are its features? Keep reading:

  • It provides adjustability between 5 and 100 Pascal/square inch.
  • It levels cars from front to rear as well as from side to side.
  • It increases the load carrying capacity of vehicles.
  • It also helps optimize the stability of vehicles when they are loaded.
  • The kit is ideal for pick-ups, commercial vehicles, vans, mo
  • Installation is relatively easy, especially if you have experience.


7. Rough Country 74530 3” Toyota Tacoma Lift Kit with Shocks

Rough Country 74530 3” Lift Kit with Shocks for 2015-2018 Toyota TacomaThis suspension lift kit has made its way into the list of best Tacoma lift kits because of its reliability and ease of installation. Let’s find out more:

  • It is a complete kit that requires no additional tools.
  • It is easy to install. You don’t have to worry about complexities at all. You will be done in a few hours.
  • The rear blocks measure 2 inches while the front blocks measure 3 inches.
  • It comes with shocks, but some do not like the fact that they had to purchase their own factory pieces.
  • Some have also said that it slightly affected the rear but nothing that one should worry about. Nobody has really complained about it. The front ride is just like the factory ride.


Lifting a Truck – Pros and Cons

You can not deny that a lifted truck with some monster tires underneath is one of the coolest vehicles you can ever see in your life! There is something incredibly special about driving a miniature version of the monster truck or SUV. If you have ever driven a truck that is extremely high off the ground, you may know the ultimate feeling and enthusiasm you get, just by looking down at the other cars on the road.

As every coin has two sides, what are the downsides to putting a lift kit on? Here, you can find some critical advantages and disadvantages of lifting a truck.

Lifting a Truck – Pros

  1. It does not change the quality of your vehicle or how your truck or SUV rides. It just moves your vehicle one, two, or three inches higher.
  2. Lift kits are not so expensive. So if you want to make your vehicle just like before, you can do it in no time without worrying much about the money.
  3. New shocks are not required during the lift because, during the lifting process, you don’t need to touch the socks of your SUV.
  4. It works best when you drive on some rocky or off roads as the lower body of the vehicle does not touch the ground even after bumping.
  5. Such kits give your tires more clearance without affecting or damaging the geometry and alignments of your lifted truck.
  6. If you want to lift your truck for more than three inches, you can take the help from suspension lift kits. These kits can go as high as the driver feels comfortable, making the suspension more accurate.

Lifting a Truck – Cons

  1. Lift kit installation process is a bit time consuming and requires a body to be lifted and bolted back into the place.
  2. It does not raised factory bumpers with the body.
  3. As it is lifted, your family may face some difficulties climbing in and out of the SUV.

One of the strangest things about lifted trucks is that they are not like many other modified cars. They serve a particular purpose. They have a great utility added, but they don’t enhance the performance of your vehicle. But, it surely looks different than others and attracts other riders eyes. So, choose according to your convenience.

We hope this comprehensive list of Tacoma lift kit reviews helps you make the right choice! If you think we missed a great product, which deserves to be on this list, please let us know through Comments.

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