Can you put a leveling kit on top of a suspension lift? – Here’s the answer!

After receiving multiple queries about stacking a leveling kit on top of a suspension lift, we decided to clear the confusion.

To start off with, the answer is yes. You can put a leveling kit with a suspension lift without any real problems, but there are a few factors that you must consider before doing so. 

Can you put a leveling kit on top of a suspension lift?

Why put a leveling kit on top of a suspension lift?

While in most cases, a suspension lift is enough. But sometimes you may need additional support/lift. Those with a 4-inch lift may want to increase it to 5 or 6 inches. Those with 2 inches may want it to be 4 inches high. Buying a whole new lift kit of 6 inches or 4 inches can be very expensive. The installation process is also a headache. So, the alternative is to stack it up! 

Is it safe?

We established that it is possible, and we also established why this is a good idea. But before going ahead, you must understand the challenges and pitfalls, if any. Is it safe to do this? It all depends on your lift kit and your truck.

The suspension lift must be of superior quality with the capability to handle the load. If you don’t pay attention to this, you will put yourself in danger. The best thing to do is to ensure safety. Head over to an auto expert and have him/her check your truck. Make sure you are clear about what you have in mind so that they advise you accordingly.

Another big concern is the steering and suspension. It may not be as smooth as you would hope. And if you can’t drive your truck, as usual, you will put yourself at risk again. 

An alternative solution

Excellent quality suspension lift kits are upgradable. Buying these will help you upgrade without risking anything or creating unnecessary challenges. They usually have parts in the kit that serve the purpose of upgrading.

Once you check the quality of your suspension kit and realize that it is old, make sure you make the switch. That will ease things for you significantly.


While it is possible to stack a leveling kit on a suspension lift kit, we advise against it. There are far too many things to consider and think of, and the risk is just not worth it. Exercise caution right from the beginning and avoid such hassle for yourself. Buy flexible suspension kits that you can upgrade easily.

If you have any doubts regarding this or would like to provide suggestions, please feel free to comment or get in touch with us. All the best! 

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