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How to fix squeaky suspension – The expert has the answers

Very few things are as annoying as a squeaky suspension in a vehicle. It is embarrassing as well because it will squeak at speed bumps and while parking. Plus, it is probably an indication that something could seriously be wrong with your vehicle. This is why experts have always suggested that you stop the suspension squeaking immediately. 

We have put together a guide to help you with the same. 

Why is my suspension squeaking?

The first step to fixing any problem is understanding the cause. A squeaking suspension may be due to many factors, such as the following:

  1. 9 out of 10 times, it is because of the lack of lubrication
  2. Loss of grip of the serpentine belt
  3. Low level of power steering fluid
  4. Problem with the suspension bushings and/or ball joints

How to fix squeaky suspension

Since the most common cause is the lack of lubrication, you must begin troubleshooting from there. You need the right lube or grease to ensure that the squeaking is eliminated. Also, finding the exact joint that’s short on lubrication can be difficult. You must be patient to zero in on it. If you have grease fittings, you can simply start from there and grease the steering links, sway bar end-links, and ball joints. This should solve the problem. 

If it does not, please check the coil springs and spring cubs. The chances are that greasing them is not enough. You will have to replace them. While you are at it, please check the power steering fluid as well. If the level is low, you know what the squeaking means! If nothing helps, maybe the ball joints need to be replaced, and the noise is an indication that they will fail soon.


It is still squeaking!

If the squeaking still doesn’t stop, we are looking at a deeper problem that may require professional help. While lubricating the suspension can be DIY, fixing the other causes can be difficult, especially when you don’t know what you are dealing with. This is why we recommend that you speak to the mechanic and let him handle it. It is easier and safer. 

Please note that this is not one of those problems that will just go away. Squeaking is not just annoying; it is dangerous. Even something as seemingly harmless as friction can cause major trouble if ignored. We recommend that you let the mechanic handle the problem, especially if you are not big on DIY motor repairs. If you love taking care of your car, you can try the lubrication part yourself. If it doesn’t work, you can call the expert then.

We hope this article gave you the answers to all your doubts. If you still have concerns, please leave a comment.

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