FJ Cruiser Vs 4Runner: Compare Best SUV of Toyota

It is always better to choose in a tabulation form or graph form. When it comes to selecting a perfect SUV, things get even more critical. Searching for an SUV within budget and required features is a tough task to perform. Toyota has two marvelous models of SUV for an off-road drive and suitable family rides. Both these models are perfect for smooth rides and comfy interiors. So here’s an article that will tell you the exact comparison between FJ Cruiser and 4Runner.

 FJ Cruiser Vs 4Runner

1. Pricing

FJ Cruiser4Runner


Economically, 4Runner is way cheaper than Cruiser. Thus this vote goes to 4Runner. 

2. TCC Ratings

FJ Cruiser4Runner
Overall ReviewA perfect family SUV for on-road refinement and some trade capacity too. This is a perfect trail-ready SUV with fab features and styling. 
  • It is a true sport-ute and that’s what SUV’s are known for. 
  • A perfect match of five-speed and V-6 features. 
  • 10/10 when it comes to interiors, executed well.
  • An updated retro SUV for heavy work.
  • 9/10 when it comes to interiors. Simple and basic.
  • Suitable for off-roading. 
  • The third-row seat is comfortable for kids only, no adult can comfort them yet can fit them in. 
  • The cargo space is a bit disappointing. 
  • Base versions have a rough ride. 
  • Hardly compliant for the road rides. 
  • Difficult to enter and exit the back seat. 
  • It has a weird noise. 


The FJ Cruiser gets 8/10 and 4Runner gets 7.5/10 in TCC ratings. So if you are planning to buy the 4Runner beast and add aftermarket equipment then it is advisable to buy the least model otherwise you’ll waste the fancy new model.  

3. Fuel Economy

FJ Cruiser4Runner
City17 mpg17 mpg
Highway21 mpg20 mpg


Both have a similar fuel economy. 

4. interiors

FJ Cruiser4Runner
Front Head Room38.6 inches41.3 inches
Second Leg Room32.9 inches31.3 inches
Front Shoulder Room57.8 inches58.4 inches
Second Hip Room55.7 inches51 inches
Second Head Room38.6 inches40.3 inches
Second Shoulder Room57.8 inches53.9 inches
Front Leg Room41.7 inches41.9 inches
Front Hip Room56.5 inches55.4 inches
Passenger Capacity55


When it comes to interior dimensions then both FJ Cruiser and 4Runner are equal with some minor ups and downs.

5. Exterior Dimensions

FJ Cruiser4Runner
Height 71.5 inches72 inches
Width63.2 inches63.2 inches
Wheelbase109.8 inches105.9 inches
Length 190.7 inches183.9 inches


When it comes to exterior dimensions then both FJ Cruiser and 4Runner are equal with some minor ups and downs.

6. Fuel Tank Capacity

FJ Cruiser4Runner
Fuel Tank Capacity2319

Verdict: The fuel tank capacity of FJ Cruiser is more as compared to 4Runner. So for more milage and long run one can consider FJ Cruiser as a better option.

7. Suspension

FJ Cruiser4Runner
Axle Rigid AxleRigid Axle
Axle Ratio3.733.73
Front Suspension Double WishboneDouble Wishbone
Front AxleIndependentIndependent
Front Axle Ratio3.733.73
Rear SuspensionMulti-LinkMulti-Link

Verdict: Thus when it comes to suspension, both the beast have a similar function. You can go with both of them considering the suspension feature.   


Both the models from Toyota, FJ-Cruiser, and 4Runner are beast and have super suspension and ride reviews. However, if you are looking for a roomy SUV with extraordinary interiors, then you should go for Toyota FJ-Cruiser. It is a true SUV for people with a large family. The added convenience makes this model an ultimate SUV. And if you are looking for an off-road capable SUV model, then you should choose 4Runner. Wisely and critically analyze the aspects of both FJ-Cruiser, and 4Runner then decide which one you want to invest in. I hope this article helps you find the perfect fit SUV for you.

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