2 Post vs 4 Post Lift – Which is the Best Garage Lift for your Car?

Garage lifts for cars are becoming more and more popular by the day because of their functionality and ease of use. The market offers 2 post and 4 post car lifts, and each of them comes with its own pros and cons. In this article, we shall compare them and help you decide which one to buy.

2 Post vs 4 Post Lift

4 post lifts

4 post liftsThese are ideal for those who don’t drive their car a lot and would like to store their car in the garage for long durations of time. This is because 4 post lifts are more supportive and lift the car up well. Here are some features:

  • You can pick from portable and anchored options
  • They generally come with a 110 V motor
  • They need a lot of space
  • They are excellent for low ground clearance vehicles
  • Positioning the car is easy with a 4 post lift
  • If you have 2 cars, you have to choose 4 post lifts. One car can go below the other!
  • 4 post lifts are easy to use and convenient
  • These are expensive

2 post lifts

2 post lifts2 post lifts are for people who drive frequently and don’t leave their car parked in the garage for long. These lifts don’t support the wheels. They support the torso, and the wheels just hang there. So, it is inadvisable to leave your car with these lifts for long durations. Here’s everything else you need to know about 2 post lifts:

  • They are always permanently anchored. You don’t have a portable option.
  • They have a 220 V motor
  • They don’t occupy a lot of space
  • They are hard to use because you have to understand and identify the right lifting point. Going wrong here can be dangerous.
  • You can use this to park 2 cars, as well but the functionality will be quite difficult. You will have problems getting in and out of the car underneath.
  • They are perfect for small garages
  • 2 post lifts are easily affordable

2 post vs 4 post lift – Which is the best lift for you?

Now that you understand the basics of each, we are pretty sure you know that there isn’t a specific answer or winner in this battle. The right one for you will depend on your preferences and requirements. If you are looking for an inexpensive option for a small garage, we reco mmend 2 post lifts. If you have low ground clearance cars and enough space in the garage, 4 post lifts are the best. 

Of course, we are slightly leaning towards 4 post lifts due to safety and convenience, but again, it all depends on your expectations and feasibility. 

So, don’t let anyone else decide what’s best for you. Analyze the pros and cons of each lift to recognize the best.

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